Work With Jake

I expect a lot from my students. They must be willing to try, follow instruction well and follow through with their practice plans. If you want to improve and you are that kind of student then I would love to begin working with you.


I started with Jake this past offseason. He quickly diagnosed some key challenges in the swing. Asked what I wanted to work on first. We agreed accuracy with the driver was the key to lower scores for me. We got to work on shallowing out the club. Drill after drill, hour after hour...slowly the swing started to change. Not only did we practice but used mini competitions to up the engagement and add some pressure to the skills building component. I continue to work with Jake every two or three weeks (he expects practice sessions in between and will help you develop that plan as well). I have plenty of work to do as the journey is far form over. With that said, the fairways get more work than they used to. Friends have noticed and have commented on the improvement in my game. The index is down from 11.5 to 8.5 as of today. The work is paying off. If you truly want to get better, understand that progress in golf is measured by inches/hours and are willing to put the work in, give Jake a call. You give him the effort he asks for and you will get the return your are looking for.

Michael Densham